Dossier de presse
Dossier de presse

Behind the wheel of the New Duster

Le 26 August 2021

Shockingly affordable… On the market since 2010 at a city car price, the Duster has shaken-up the SUV segment. A true revolution by Dacia! With over 1.9 million units sold, the Duster has been the No.1 in retail sales in its class in the Europe’s SUV market since 2019.

Following on from earlier generations, the New Duster is aimed both at customers who are looking for a comfortable, attractively designed SUV and those who want a robust, versatile 4x4.

True to its heritage, the New Duster is still a family SUV with a trailblazer spirit. It is the companion for everyday use and for adventures in the wide-open spaces. Its timeless design has evolved, especially in respect of its lights and grille, which give it an even stronger personality, and improved CO2 efficiency.

Inside it is fitted with a high centre console with a retracting armrest, two multimedia systems with a new 8” screen and a dual-clutch automatic EDC gearbox. As versatile to drive as ever, the New Duster is available in 2WD and 4WD versions. The latest version boasts an enriched 4x4 Monitor system.

The New Duster will be on sale from September 2021.

"Duster is the SUV Revolution by Dacia. Since 2010, with soon 2 million customers, it has become a real icon of the Dacia Brand. Renewing an icon is not an easy task! Since the beginning, the silhouette of the car is so great. We have done some evolutions in order to bring more modernity and freshness. New Duster is even more a Duster, even more a Dacia. Essential, robust and still accessible to all."

Lionel Jaillet, VP Product Performance Dacia


Behind the wheel of the New Duster

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Behind the wheel of the New Duster
Behind the wheel of the New Duster